An Idea was hatched

It's all about the wings and it has been from day one! Did y'all know the farm was started because of chicken wings? Yep, in this story the chicken came before  In 2018 the name Chicken and the Farm came to mind and the owners, Lyndsey and Brett were off to the races or shall we say the coop!  The idea was to start with the chickens and then bring in the whole gang... the pigs, the cows, the fresh seasonal vegetables and make a delicious menu filled with "farm food for humans!"  What started with a 10x10 booth and living dangerously with a couple of top fryers for a small one-day festival turned into in a 10x30 booth with over 30 items on the menu and over 20 flavors for the chicken wings and cauliflower. Our now industrial deep fat fryers (thank goodness) cook over 300 pounds of chicken in a weekend, and we serve our eats at some of the largest festivals in the California Bay Area.

Now in 2024, were movin' on up! We will now offer catering for private events and our biggest announcement; Chicken and the farm has found the most perfect little spot!  The farm is excited to announce the opening of our first eatery and gourmet market. We will first offer online ordering and customer pick-up starting in late fall/early winter. And then opening in the spring of 2024 the market will be open for eat-in and takeaway. We will also have an assortment of preprepared items for grab and go as well as specialty culinary items, home goods, fresh florals, local seasonal fruits and vegetables as well as a rotating menu. We are so excited about this opportunity and to say it feels "meant to be" would almost be an understatement. 

There is a very personal attachment already to the building. When Lyndsey was growing up, she often frequented the La Rossa market with her dad for roast beef sandwiches and ice cream. And here's a fun fact, Rodger, Lyndsey's Dad had a friend whose mother owned a hair salon in the lower downstairs building, and when Lyndsey was born on the way home from the hospital they stopped by, and baby Lyndsey was shown off to all the gals in the salon! That building will now be Chicken and the farms' location.  

The La Rossa Market in the Saranap neighborhood of Walnut Creek is a staple to many in the community. It is our goal to preserve the feel and charm of a small-town neighborhood market.  We have lots of ideas on what we desire to bring to the area and hope you will follow along with us on our next journey. Until the market is open, please check out our festival lineup under the Find the Farm tab. There you can see where we will be every weekend March- October. We look forward to seeing y'all!